Kearbey Care

The Kearbey Care Plan is a discounted fee schedule to help you save on most services at Kearbey Dental Group, including cleanings, fillings, cosmetic procedures, and crowns. The Kearbey Care Plan is perfect for patients without dental insurance who are looking for affordable dental care. Don’t let a lack of dental insurance keep you from receiving the quality care you deserve.

With our low-cost dental plan, annual membership dues entitle you to preventive dental care at no cost and restorative dental services at a 20% discount on our usual and customary fees.

Member Benefits

  • Free preventive exams, X-rays, and cleanings
  • 20% savings on additional services; see our brochure for full details
  • Guaranteed same-day emergency visit during normal hours

Annual Fee

  • Individual: $299
  • Child (under 14): $179

Learn more about Kearbey Care in this brochure or by calling our office at (530) 533-0200. 

Kearbey Care Family Discount Plan is not an insurance product.

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