Published: February 25, 2019

How to save time at the Dentist

If you have ever broken a tooth or fractured a large filling, then you know a new crown may be on the horizon.  Often times if you have had root canal therapy or an older crown fall off, it may be time for a crown.  Gone are the days of gooey impression material and multiple appointments. You can now have your crown completed from start to finish in one appointment, with CEREC. 

An advanced intra-oral 3D camera is used to create a digital model of surrounding teeth prior to the crown.

What is CEREC?

A CEREC crown, which stands for Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic is made utilizing the CAD/CAM system or “Computer Aided Design” and “Computer Aided Manufacturing.”   The dentist designs the crown chairside using a camera and computer which then sends the information to the machine. The machine will mill the crown from a block of porcelain based on the design.  This type of technology allows for accurate and precise detail so that the porcelain crown which is bonded to your natural tooth structure is of the highest quality.

The CEREC milling machine ready to mill a crown.

Are CEREC crowns more expensive than traditional crowns? 

Most insurance companies do assist with covering CEREC crowns, similar to traditional types of crowns. The long term cost advantages of CEREC crowns are: less recurrent tooth decay due to the bonding method, less of your tooth structured is removed using the CEREC method, and the porcelain used is very durable and healthy for your teeth and gum tissue.

Will there be pain or discomfort with a CEREC?

At Kearbey Dental Group, your comfort is a top priority. We know that less time spent in the dental chair is better for our patients not only due to anxiety, but also time constraints with work or school.  The greatest benefit we can extend to our patients is completing quality treatment in as short amount of time as possible. With the entire appointment taking under 2 hours this will limit the amount of time you will need injections and the opening and closing of the mouth.  During the appointment the dentist may use local anesthetics to complete your treatment without pain or discomfort.  Once the appointment is complete you will walk out the door with your new CEREC crown.

Are you a candidate for CEREC?

At Kearbey Dental Group, we will assess your treatment plan to make sure a CEREC crown is the right option for you. If based on our diagnosis you are a candidate for CEREC, we recommend that you opt for this high quality option for your new dental crown.

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